David Turlington: Travels, Adventures, and More

It’s a big, big world out there, yet making friends and meaningful connections with people who reside all the way at the other side of the world has a way of making one feel small. I’m David Turlington and I wish to share with you more about my travel experiences and adventures and how they have helped shape me.

I’ve been to Europe, India, and parts of Asia. In Asia, I visited Cambodia and Thailand, two breathtaking countries that have such rich history that a week’s travel wouldn’t be enough to uncover their mysteries. Though my main purpose for visiting these Asian countries were for leisure, I was nevertheless curious and eager to learn about their cultures.

Now that I look back fondly on my trips, I do feel that I somehow brought home with me valuable parts of the countries I have visited, and in return I feel I have left parts of myself there. Maybe this is what they mean when travel changes a person. It might be impossible to anticipate what exactly those changes are but I suppose what’s more important is that they occur in areas you least expect.

On my part, travel has definitely helped me not just learn about other cultures but to appreciate what inherently makes them different from one another as well. To be able to visit these places, interact with the locals, and just take in the mood and atmosphere in general—they give color and life to what you may read on travel books and guides and on the Internet.

I believe traveling also helps me in my work. As a social worker, I constantly meet people of all backgrounds, so traveling helps ground me and humble me. I always look forward to hearing and learning about the stories of others.

If you would like to share with me your travel experiences, please feel free to contact me, David Turlington.