David Turlington on the World’s Major Religions

A Theology major from Marquette University, David Turlington will first talk about the world’s major religions—their similarities and differences—on this blog. This will provide the backdrop or framework from which he can further discuss the nuances of culture and further, how peace can be achieved through education of the former. This will be a series of blog posts so kindly visit again for updates.

Everyone grows up with some form of religion. Arguably, even the absence of it may be considered as a kind of religion, as it still subjects the individual to a belief of what non-religion is. But for most of us—for most of the population numbered in the billions, our religion first comes to us as teachings from our parents. From there we may be enrolled in schools that subscribe to the same beliefs like Christian high schools and boarding schools.

And as we grow older, we might experience a period of doubt and questioning over these beliefs; to go through a ‘dark night of the soul’ as coined in Christian literature. At the end of this time, we may unexpectedly find ourselves converting into another religion, one that we now strongly identify with.

It would unfortunately take more than one blog entry to discuss and flesh out the over 30 religions in the world today, which is why the major religions—Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism—will be given the spotlight first.

To better understand these religions, it might help to start first with their definition of what or who God is. Very quickly, here are one-line descriptions of God as defined by these respective religions:

Christianity believes in a personal God, one that is loving and merciful.

Islam believes in one God known as Allah, the creator and source of everything.

Buddhism believes there is no God; Buddha is not God.

Hinduism believes there are many manifestations of Gods and Goddesses.

In the following blogs, these religions will be discussed further in detail.

This is David Turlington, thanking you for taking the time to read my blog.