David Turlington: Common Themes among Religions

Religion is a tool that many people use to feel a sense of purpose in their lives and have the opportunity to live for something bigger than themselves. However, this tool — something designed to add value to people’s lives — has actually led to grave division among people all over the world, with many people viewing their own religions as superior to others’. The truth is, according to David J. Turlington, who earned his bachelor’s degree in theology in 2015, all religions have some major similarities that in the end connect us all together.

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First, a common theme among religions is that the God that people serve is omnipresent, according to David Turlington. God resides within a person and is also present everywhere. In fact, the Holy Bible emphasizes that God fills the earth and the heavens and also that God’s kingdom dwells within each of us as well. Meanwhile, the Bhagavad Gita mentions that God lives in everything. In addition, God is light, so he is always a source of hope for the masses. When people bask in the presence of God, everything is clear: The darkness of ignorance can no longer remain. According to the Holy Quran, Allah’s light is what keeps the earth and heavens illuminated.

Another thing you will find in each religion is that it is possible for man to attain spiritual knowledge. In many religions, humans are tasked with pursuing knowledge of God from the time they are born, and this journey ends only at death. All religions essentially emphasize that if you seek out an enhanced understanding of God, you will discover the holy truth one day. The hidden treasure of knowledge can be discovered only through making an earnest effort to unearth it.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

You would also be hard pressed to find a religion that does not have morality and compassion for others at its core. Loving others and treating them the way you would like to be treated — the Golden Rule — is shared in one form or another by many religions. Religious people will usually agree that lying, cheating, and stealing are all immoral, for example. Buddha furthermore emphasized that loving everyone, even your enemies, is considered true compassion and is the standard we should be striving to achieve. If more people would follow this precept, no matter what their unique beliefs may be, the world could quickly become a better place for all.

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