David Turlington: Christianity and Islam Are Really Alike

Religion is one area that often divides people deeply, yet it is also one area where people are actually more alike than they realize. Two world religions that are typically considered to be in stark contrast to each other, Christianity and Islam, surprisingly have multiple similarities, according to David J. Turlington, a Maine social worker who just completed his bachelor’s degree in theology. The more people know about these similarities, perhaps the more tolerant they will become toward each other.

One of the biggest similarities between Islam and Christianity is that both Muslims and Christians believe that only one God exists and that this God not only created but also sustained the universe, according to David Turlington. Both types of believers also believe that God sent several prophets, ranging from Noah, Abraham, and Ishmael to Isaac and Jacob, David and Solomon, John the Baptist, and Jesus and Mohammad.

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One indisputable standard in both religions is that the holy scriptures that come from God, along with the prophets’ teachings, are to be followed without question. Both Christians and Muslims also acknowledge Jesus as the son of the virgin Mary and thus believe that Jesus’s birth was miraculous. In both religions, Jesus is furthermore upheld as a Messiah who performed miracles, while Satan is the evil one and therefore should not be followed.

The end of the world remains a hot topic today, so it is worth noting that both religions call attention to end-of-day events in great detail as well. Both Christians and Muslims think an Anti-Christ will rise up on the earth prior to Judgment Day and that Jesus Christ will make his return to Earth from his heavenly kingdom and will kill this Anti-Christ. In addition, people will be sent to either paradise or hell after facing judgment on Judgment Day.

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The purpose of Jesus’s return to Earth, according to both religions, is to address injustices, immorality, and conflict. During this historical period in human history, the Messiah is expected to bring all religious conflict to a halt and to make long-awaited world peace a reality. Whether a person is a Muslim or a Christian, he or she can take comfort in knowing that, amid the conflict and confrontations taking place around the globe today on account of religion, there will come a day when all of it will finally end and the hope of paradise can be realized. That is something that people of all religions can celebrate — together.

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