About David Turlington

David Turlington is a Social Worker who currently resides in the state of Maine. He graduated with a Bachelor in Theology from Marquette University in 2015. Born to two loving but conservative Christian parents, he grew up believing that Christianity was the only ‘true’ religion in the world. All that changed after stepping into university and being given the opportunity to travel to India and parts of Asia. Through his travels, he has come to a deeper understanding of the link between culture and religion. It is these lessons and realizations about the role of culture and religion in the struggle for peace which he would like to share on this blog.

An animal and book lover since he was a child, David is commonly described by family and friends as a soft-spoken and mild-mannered young man. He initially aspired to become a priest; a vocation which his parents strongly supported, but fortuitous events in his life convinced him otherwise. For one, he fell in love with a childhood friend who lived in the same street as he did. From then on he realized that, though he yearned to serve the Lord, he also deeply wished to have a family; a role he is free to fulfill while being an instrument of goodwill at the same time in his local community.

Through this blog, David hopes to reach out to the millions out there who are suffering from violence, crime, and injustice. He wants them to know that they are not alone and that many people still wish for peace and harmony. By sharing his life-changing travels around the world on this blog, he also wishes for others to see the beauty in diversity; that there is no reason to fear the unknown or unfamiliar.

If you would like to touch base with David Turlington, you may do so here on this blog.